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Why was Lyndon Johnson immediately (1:20PM) telling Mac Kilduff that communists had murdered JFK? Was he Carnac the Magnificient?

from: Robert Morrow <>
to: "" <>
date: Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 6:55 PM
subject: Why was Lyndon Johnson immediately 1:20PM telling Mac Kilduff that communists had murdered JFK? Is he Carnac the Magnificient?

Before John Kennedy’s body is in rigor mortis, a “very cool” Lyndon Johnson, by 1:20 PM is immediately telling JFK assistant press secretary Mac Kilduff: “We don’t know what kind of a communist conspiracy this might be…”

From Robert Morrow   512-306-1510

Web link to this article:

          Go to the 11 minute mark of this very important Mac Kilduff interview (11-22-91): Mac Kilduff was filling in for JFK press secretary Pierre Salinger who did not make the Dallas trip.

          Thirty minutes before Oswald’s arrest at 1:50 PM, Lyndon Johnson is immediately pushing the “communists did it” narrative.

          The political world in America and the Kennedy entourage were thinking it was a far right Dallas conspiracy that had just killed JFK - one of the “nuts” from “Nut Country” as John Kennedy had described Dallas just two hours before his death, after reading an assault ad accusing him of treason in the Dallas Morning News, on the plane ride over from Fort Worth. (JFK to Jackie: “We’re heading into nut country.”)

          So, how does Lyndon Johnson, with his legendary political ken, immediately deduce with his paranormal abilities that it was a “communist conspiracy” within mere minutes (or seconds) of his finding out (1:20PM) that JFK was deceased and a full 30 minutes before patsy Oswald was arrested at 1:50PM in the Texas Theater? Didn’t Lyndon Johnson himself have a nasty experience with Dallas’s Mink Coat Mob in the 1960 presidential campaign? Just one month before in October 1963, Adlai Stevenson had been assaulted by the far right of DallasBecause of that Adlai Stevenson had in fact personally implored JFK to not go to Dallas. Not only that, a Dallas citizen Nelle Doyle had written JFK and begged him not to come to Dallas because of fears over his safety in the far right Dallas atmosphere.

Did Lyndon Johnson have divination powers the equal of Carnac the Magnificient to immediately *know* that the communists must have murdered John Kennedy?

LBJ left Parkland Hospital at 1:26 PM. U.S. intelligence agent and patsy Oswald not arrested until 1:50PM. LBJ’s comments to Kilduff were made sometime just after 1:20PM when he found out JFK was deceased.



It was interesting to note in retrospect what his reaction was, Bob. You will recall that Adlai Stevenson had been to Texas a few weeks before that. And we had the far political right was very active in General Walker … and Adlai Stevenson had been belted with rotten eggs in Dallas. So we all thought this was some sort of you knowright, far right activity. Lyndon Johnson was very cool. He said, “Well now Mac [he said] before you make that announcement we don’t know what kind of a communist conspiracy this might be.” He was thinking a communist conspiracy.

INTERVIEWER BOB HENSLEY OF WTVQ: “He is saying that it was a conspiracy. He wants to know who was involved.”


That’s right. But he [LBJ] thought said ”this could be a communist conspiracy. And I think the best thing for me to do is get back to Air Force One before you make that announcement.”

I said “alright.”

He [LBJ] said then, “We will wait back there. For whatever you are going to to. And then to go back to Washington.” So with that we left the trauma room with Johnson, went out the emergency exit of the hospital, put him in his car and he took off for Love Field, to go back to Love Field and Air Force One.

Just one month before, Adlai Stevenson had been assaulted by the far right of Dallas:

1) “We’re heading into nut country”




4) Robert Caro “The Transition: Lyndon Johnson and the events in Dallas,” The New Yorker, 4-2-12  

5) The JFK assassination was “Operation Northwoods” and LBJ helped to orchestrate it’s enactment:  

6) “Dallas 1963” - it was known as the City of Hate

Peter Pringle essay on Dallas 1963, The Independent 11-20-93: We’re heading into nut country

The Dallas Morning News was in the front line of outrage against the nation's capital, suggesting it was inhabited by 'an unknown number of subversives, perverts, and miscellaneous security risks.' But the real security risk was the President's visit.

Dallas already had a reputation for roughing up Democrats. In the 1960 campaign, Lyndon Johnson and his wife, Lady Byrd, were spat on by a group of housewives. A month before Kennedy's arrival, the UN ambassador, Adlai Stevenson, was assaulted in a crowd. Kennedy had been advised against the visit by several aides, unsolicited Dallas residents and by the Texas governor, John Connally, who said people in the city were 'too emotional'. In that year, a kind of fever lay over Dallas, wrote William Manchester in his book Death of a President. People carried huge billboards calling for the impeachment of the Chief Justice, Earl Warren. Cowboy-booted executives placed 'KO the Kennedys' bumper stickers on their cars. Jewish stores were smeared with swastikas and Kennedy's name was booed in classrooms. The Dallas city council rushed through an ordinance banning attacks against visiting speakers, but many still feared the worst, especially in a town where guns could be bought without a licence or any kind of registration.

There was more than gunfire. The day of the assassination, 22 November 1963, the Dallas Morning News printed a full-page advertisement, ominously bordered in black, accusing Kennedy, again among a long list of other complaints, of being a Communist patsy. It was signed by the American Fact-finding Committee, which eventually was identified as a group of right-wingers led by Nelson Bunker Hunt, of the oil-rich Dallas family. It was this advertisement that prompted Kennedy's remark: 'We're heading into nut country today'.

Lyndon Johnson to Madeleine Brown on 12-31-63: It was Dallas, TX oil and “renegade intelligence bastards” who murdered JFK

            Madeleine Duncan Brown was a mistress of Lyndon Johnson for 21 years and had a son with him named Steven Mark Brown in 1950. Madeleine mixed with the Texas elite and had many trysts with Lyndon Johnson over the years, including one at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX, on New Year's Eve 12/31/63.

    Late in the evening of 12/31/63, just 6 weeks after the JFK assassination, Madeleine asked Lyndon Johnson:

    "Lyndon, you know that a lot of people believe you had something to do with President Kennedy's assassination."    

    He shot up out of bed and began pacing and waving his arms screaming like a madman. I was scared!

    "That's bullshit, Madeleine Brown!" he yelled. "Don't tell me you believe that crap!"

    "Of course not." I answered meekly, trying to cool his temper.

    "It was Texas oil and those fucking renegade intelligence bastards in Washington." [said Lyndon Johnson, the new president.] [Texas in the Morning, p. 189] [LBJ told this to Madeleine in the late night of 12/31/63 in the Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX in room #434 which is now known as the Governor’s Suite. LBJ kept this room on retainer for business and as a place to tryst with his mistresses. LBJ and Madeleine spent New Year’s Eve ‘63 together here.

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Preview YouTube video Rare interview with Malcolm Kilduff
Rare interview with Malcolm Kilduff
Preview YouTube video Cora Lacy Frederickson assaults Adlai Stevenson at Dallas' Memorial Auditorium Theater Oct 24 1963
Cora Lacy Frederickson assaults Adlai Stevenson at Dallas' Memorial Auditorium Theater Oct 24 1963

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