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Working Draft Memo in Continuing Multi Billionaire Jeff Epstein Massive Hedge Fund Crimes in the New York City Venue







305 East 40th Street

New York, New York 10016

Fax: 212-697-1935

Phone: 212-949-1935


Working Draft Memo in the

Continuing Multi Billionaire

Jeff Epstein Massive Hedge

Fund Crimes in the New York City

Venue That have No Civil Restitu-

tion Collection Suit Statute of

Limitations Causing Epstein Guilty



01) The multi-billionaire Jeff Epstein, was under extreme finan-

cial disability, when Towers Investors Dot-Com, employed

Epstein, that is evidenced in, the Vanity Fair March 2003, nine

page story, named, “The Talented Mr. Epstein,” showing the intro-

duction in, the Epstein and Hoffenberg Crimes history, in the

partnership Towers on-going agreements.


02) The multi-billionaire Jeff Epstein, had no financial assets when

the Towers Investors Dot-Com, 200,000 restitution victims, corpor

ations, crimes paid for the Epstein hedge fund, set forth in the

above story points of fact, naming persons who did witness, the

Towers Investors payment crimes.


03) The actual dates, and assets, money amounts in the crimes herein,

will be provided. The freeze of the multi-billionaire Epstein

assets are in the constructive trust unjust enrichment law.




04) The multi-billionaire, Jeff Epstein, was employed by the Towers

Investors, as the Hoffenberg assistant, in the Hoffenberg Towers

crimes, that are recorded in continuing federal court orders.

Epstein had the fiduciary relationship with Towers.


05) Epstein acted full-time with Hoffenberg, in the Ponzi scheme pre-

sumption, crimes, fraudulent asset transfers in Towers investors

that converted money, assets, securities, by the Epstein fraud,

unjust enrichment, concealment, fraudulent conveyance act viol-

ations, mail and wire fraud, converting Towers assets failing

to perform duties under the Towers Investors Epstein contracts,

with Hoffenberg, and the Leese Family corporations, including,

oversees crimes, with investor funds, raised in the United States,

in the Towers Investors Epstein, Leese, Hoffenberg continuing

contract crimes up to 2013, ongoing.


06) The Vanity Fair nine page story names persons, and federal court

litigations, that Epstein acted in at the partnership, in the

Epstein hedge fund operations, in New York City, with the Towers

Investors Dot-Com, crimes ongoing contracts, that included Hoffen-



07) The purpose of this memo, is the introduction in the continuing

Epstein criminal acts, that are now subject to the Towers

Investors Dot-Com, 200,000 restitution Hoffenberg court ordered

victims, and Government, civil collection restitution suits,

that will motivate, the multi-billionaire Jeff Epstein criminal




case guilty plea, and Epstein government cooperation, freeze of

Epstein assets, by constructive trust law.


08) Hoffenberg will meet with his partner, and former best friend

Epstein, in order to discern this memo, asset freeze with the

Epstein hedge fund One Hundred Billion Dollars in bank currency

major margin oversees bank loan currency accounts, that will be

called in, by the banks defaulting Epstein, in the massive

Epstein bank hedge fund margin loan accounts fraud crimes.

See Constructive Trust, unjust enrichment law.


09) The Bernie Madoff crimes, are somewhat on point, in the huge

Epstein hedge fund continuing crimes. The Epstein hedge fund

crimes, are much higher in amount, compared with the Bernie

Madoff hedge fund crimes. The freeze of Epstein assets, will be

ordered herein.


10) The Epstein hedge fund currency bank margin loan account, crimes,

provides, over one hundred dollars, in margin bank loans, against

one dollar, in the currency margin loan trading investment, one

hundred to one, bank margin loan accounts, in trading of currency

contracts. The largest loans on Wall Street world wide.


11) United States v. Summerlin, 84 L.ed. 1283 (1940), discerns the

well settled law, whereby the government, is not bound by the

statute of limitations, in civil restitution collection suits,

herein against Epstein and others.




11A) Hoffenberg has over 35-years in collection law training.


12) United States et al, v. Walter A. Forbs et al, 740 F. Supp 2d

334, District of Connecticut, September 30, 2010, order shows

the joint government, and restitution creditor cedant Corp.

federal debt collection procedure act, recovery, that may be

used against, the multi-billionaire Epstein crimes herein. The

government has over 400 Billion in judgments in other cases that

apply herein.


13) The constructive trust well settled law may be used to freeze

the multi-billion Epstein assets and money.


14) Epstein understands that the effort in this memo will cause

the huge Epstein hedge fund currency margin, bank trading loan

accounts, to be called in, and defaulted by the Epstein banks,

for the Epstein bank fraud loans application crimes in seeking the

bank margin loan accounts.


15) Epstein understands his bank loan margin accounts fraud crimes

used by Epstein to open each bank loan margin account, in the

Epstein hedge fund criminal enterprise, are at risk, in the

operations herein.


16) Hoffenberg will turn over evidence in the Towers Investors Dot-

Com bankruptcy cases showing how Epstein did act by criminal

and civil fraud in the bankruptcy cases in the massive Epstein

hedge fund, criminal enterprise, by defrauding all of the Towers

Investors Dot Com.




17) Epstein understands that the operations herein will cause the

major Epstein hedge fund investors to demand the repayment of

each investment in the Epstein hedge fund, therein ending the

Epstein hedge fund criminal enterprise.


18) Attached hereto are the Jeff Epstein investor hedge fund audit

crimes project, (33) thirty-three points of fact. Said points

of fact, crimes, will be further discerned by Hoffenberg, and

experts, showing the government, the inside operations, crimes,

in the massive multi-billionaire Jeff Epstein hedge fund criminal



19) The Leese Family Towers Investors Hoffenberg overseas contracts

are vital in the Epstein massive hedge fund criminal enter-

prise. Said contracts are ongoing today.


20) The Leese Family members will cooperate with the Government

in the Epstein criminal case. Hoffenberg, not Epstein, has the

key relationship with the Leese Family members. Hoffenberg did

the Leese, Towers Investors, Epstein contracts.


21) Epstein defrauded the Leese Family members, in their continuing

Epstein hedge fund, crimes overseas bank relationships, that are

controlled by the Leese Family. The Leese Family operate over-

seas, not in the United States. The Leese Family don’t under-

stand, the massive Epstein crimes.


22) The Leese Family members pay out the illegal overseas Epstein




hedge fund criminal enterprise, funds, that violate the United

States criminal law, with Epstein.


23) The government will be provided with further evidence, from the

Towers Investors Dot_com, restitution civil collections, from

the multi-billionaire Jeff Epstein hedge fund criminal enter-

prise, investigation.


24) The government will be paid billions of dollars from the multi-

billionaire Epstein criminal enterprise. Hoffenberg, the Epstein

hedge fund partner, will meet with the Epstein hedge fund banks,

now. Government agents will be at the bank meetings.


25) The Epstein hedge fund banks, did violate the United States

criminal law, whereby the banks will consider the need to reach

the hedge fund bank loans settlement reduction with Hoffenberg,

in the banks margin and the other Epstein bank hedge fund loans.

Government agents will be at the bank.


26) Epstein understands that the hedge fund bank loans reduction

Settlement, provide(s) the billions of dollars, to pay the Govern-

ment, with all the Epstein hedge fund investors, and Towers

Investors Dot-Com 200,000 restitution victims.


27) Epstein must pay out some (50) fifty million dollars to the

Towers Investors Dot-Com, in order to fund the operations herein,



28) Epstein understands his major risk in the civil and criminal




issues, that will cause Epstein over (150) One Hundred Fifty

year prison sentence.


29) Epstein understands that his Government continuing cooperation,

in the Epstein guilty plea agreement, are now mandated, for the

most serious Epstein considerations.


30) The Government must consider the terms in the Epstein guilty

plea agreement, set forth below.


31) The court will order and bind the terms in the Epstein guilty

plea agreement.


32) Epstein’s Government continuing operation will provide Epstein

with home detention up to the time of the Epstein criminal case



33) The Epstein sentence will be served at the Government base, not prison,

the same kind of detention terms, provided to Sammy the Bull,

in the John Gotti, case. The Epstein financial details will be

settled with the Government in the Epstein court ordered guilty

plea agreement.


Dated 10-3-2013                                By: <signature>
                                                                         Steven Judge Hoffenberg






1. The currency future contracts copy are not provided to each

Investor by Epstein.


2. Currency is a commodity, as defined under, the Commodity Exch-

ange Act, hereinafter CEA.


3. Each currency transaction, for the investor(s), are placed in

Needed valid counterparty, in the bank.


4. The bank counterparty, trade(s) the investor currency account(s).


5. Each investor currency account, must be listed by the bank, in

the name of each investor.


6. Epstein conceal(s), the investor required name, from the bank

currency trading account(s).


7. Epstein is not the valid investor counterparty that must trade

for each investor account.


8. The investor account will not take the physical delivery of

the trading currency.


9. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, may open the investigation

in currency investor trading violation(s) by Epstein.


10. Commodity Futures Trading Commission vs International Foreign

Currency Inc et al. 334 F.Supp 2d 305 (EDNY 2004), show(s) the inve-

stor currency basic trading.


11. The investor fund(s) are deposited in the Epstein account(s),

not the investor currency account(s) operated by the bank curren-

cy trader.


12. Epstein, not the bank, has authority in the investor funds.




13. Violation(s) in the investor currency account may show up at

the bank currency trading accounts.


14. Epstein operate(s) alone the bank currency trading accounts,

concealing that evidence from the investors.


15. Each investor audit in the bank currency trading accounts

will show the violation(s) of Federal law.


16. The investor contract(s) with Epstein will show the roadmap

in the Epstein violation(s) of Federal law.


17. The Hoffenberg collection assistance, with the investors, will

produce, the Epstein violation(s), in Federal law.


18. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, will act, in the Ep-

Stein turnover of account evidence, for each investor, if needed.


19. Hoffenberg will assist, in the mandated Collection Audit, in

each investor account.


20. The Collection Investor Audit, will be performed by expert(s)

in this investment.


21. Hoffenberg can assist in picking the investor collection audit

experts, in addition to the audit work process.


22. Epstein stated in the media that Epstein alone operate(s)

the Investor Currency Trading strategies, like Madoff.


23. Epstein alone structure(s) the investor currency trading acc-

ount, profit and loss, like Madoff.


24. The Epstein investor solicitation fraud will show how the in-

vestor Epstein contract prove(s) the Epstein investor fraud scheme.


25. Epstein violate(s) the CEA anti fraud provision(s) with each




investor account, Epstein margin credit from the bank trading the

currency, in the Epstein scheme.


26. The Epstein investor bad faith, extreme fraud scheme, convert(s)

the massive bank margin credit account, in the Epstein profit, that

defraud(s) each investor account.


27. The bank major margin credit account, provide(s) Epstein with

the fund(s), that Epstein convert(s), from each investor, into the

Epstein account currency trading profit(s).


28. The Epstein investor bad faith scheme, remove(s) from each inv-

estor currency trading account, the bank major margin trading credit

with no material disclosure, to the investors.


29. Epstein stated in the media that Epstein is paid a flat fee

from each investor account.


30. The flat fee Epstein statement, from each investor account cha-

rge, show(s) the Epstein fraud, bad faith, by converting the inves-

tor bank margin credit account, into the Epstein account trading



31. The Epstein trading profit(s), come(s) from, the investor looted

defrauded bank, margin trading credit, for each investor, that Ep-

stein loot(s) in his trading accounts, from each investor account



32. The Epstein investor contract(s), conceal(s) and defaud(s)

each investor in the bank margin trading credit.


33. The Epstein extraordinary bank margin credit, that Epstein loots,

from each investor account, provide(s) the Epstein profit, in viola-

tion of Federal law. Investor Epstein Contract Fraud Scheme.


Memo to Investors From Steve Hoffenberg Re Jeffrey Epstein


Refs: http://www.towersinvestors.com/

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