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J D Tippit assassination witness Acquilla Clemons talks to JFK assassination researcher Mark Lane (Full Transcript)

Mark Lane: Mrs. Clemmons, where were you on November 22nd, 1963?


Aquila Clemmons: I was workin for Ms. <unintelligible>, um 3 <sounds like cent> 27 East 10th


Mark Lane: <as Aquila Clemmons was continuing to speak you can hear Mark Lane say “From where”..>


Aquila Clemmons: just down the block from where Tippit was killed.


Mark Lane: Did you know officer Tippit?


Aquila Clemmons: Yes, I saw him… men.. pretty many times.


Mark Lane: And, did you hear the shots?


Aquila Clemmons: Yes, I heard the shots.


Mark Lane: And what did you do?


Aquila Clemmons: I ran out into the street and, looked down the street, and, I ran back down the street where he was lyin and I looked at him.


Mark Lane: Now, when you heard the shots, and you went out of the house, did you see a man with a gun?


Aquila Clemmons: Yes I did.


Mark Lane: What was he doing?


Aquila Clemmons: Oh he was reloading. When I see.. he was reloading his gun.


Mark Lane: And, how would you describe that man?


Aquila Clemmons: Well he was kinda chunky, he’s kinda heavy, wadn’t a very big man.


Mark Lane: Was he tall or short?


Aquila Clemmons: He was a kinda short guy.


Mark Lane: Short and heavy..


Aquila Clemmons: Yes.


Mark Lane: Was there any other man there?


Aquila Clemmons: Yes, the one on the other side of the street. All I know he told him to go. <motions with her hand and arm a gesture to go>


Mark Lane: Mrs. Clemmons, aah, the man who had thee gun, ah, did he make any motion at all to the other man across the street?


Aquilla Clemons: No.. no one.. told him to go. <motions with her hand and arm a go gesture>


Mark Lane: So he waved his hand..


Aquilla Clemons: Yes


Mark Lane: And said go on..


Aquilla Clemons: said go.. <motions with her hand and arm a go gesture>


Mark Lane: And then what happened with the man with the gun?


Aquilla Clemons: ah, he unloaded and reloaded.


Mark Lane: And what did the other man do?


Aquilla Clemons: Man kept goin, straight down the street.


Mark Lane: And then did they go in opposite directions.


Aquilla Clemons: Yes, they was, they wadn’t together, they went this way <motioning in opposite directions with her arms> from each other. One down the street and went this way <motions with one arm in a certain direction>, other went straight down past street <motions with other arm in another direction> that way.


Mark Lane:  What was thee, ah, the man who did not do the shooting, but the man who went in the other direction from the man with the gun, what was he wearing? If you remember.


Aquilla Clemons: Well, I, from that memory now it looked like, like khakis and a white shirt.


Mark Lane: And was he tall or short?


Aquilla Clemons: He was tall.


Mark Lane: And was he heavy or thin?


Aquilla Clemons: He was thin.


Mark Lane: But the one who did, the one with the gun, seconds after Tippit was shot, he was short


Aquilla Clemons: Yes, he was..


Mark Lane:  He was heavy?


Aquilla Clemons:  ..short and kinda heavy.


Mark Lane: Now, did you testify before the Warren Commission about this <unintelligible>?


Aquilla Clemons: I haven’t said anything to anyone.


Mark Lane: Did anyone come to see you after the murder of officer Tippit?


Aquilla Clemons: Yes, he was a man came. I don’t know what he was. He came to my house, and talked to me. But I don’t know what he’s.. looked like a policeman to me.


Mark Lane: He did. Did he have a gun?


Aquilla Clemons: Yes, he wore a gun.


Mark Lane: Mrs. Clemons. How long after Tippit was shot did this man with a gun come to visit you?


Aquilla Clemons: Bout two, bout two days. He’s bout two days. Said that I might get hurt, ah, someone might hurt me, if I would talk.


Mark Lane: About what you saw.


Aquilla Clemons: What I saw. He just told me ta, be best if I didn’t say anything because I might get hurt.


  1. 652, Warren Commission Report:

“Commission finding. – The only woman among the witnesses to the slaying of Tippit known to the Commission is Helen Markham. The FBI never interviewed any other woman who claimed to have seen the shooting, and never received any information concerning the existence of such a witness.”


J D Tippit Assassination witness Acquilla Clemons Talks To JFK Assassination Researcher Mark Lane

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