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On March 14, 1977, Arlen L. Fuhlendorf, Group Manager, Internal Revenue Service, Intelligence, Dallas, Texas, telephonically contacted Special Agent Specht, FBI, Dallas, Texas, and advised that he was at a school all last week, and therefore, could not get in contact with Special Agent Specht. He was advised that Bob Vanderslice to date has not made himself available to be interviewed by the Dallas office of the FBI. Fuhlendorf advised that Vanderslice has been furnishing information to Internal Revenue Service in connection with a special enforcement program that Internal Revenue Service Intelligence has concerning the criminal element. Vanderslice has furnished information to Internal Revenue Service on local Dallas bookmakers. Fuhlendorf advised that as far as he knows, that the information that Vanderslice furnished has been reliable. Fuhlendorf advised that when he last talked to Vanderslice on March 4, 1977, that Vanderslice asked him that if he talked to the FBI, what use would be made of the information. Fuhlendorf told Vanderslice that he might get a free trip to Washington to testify before a Congressional Committee concerning his information. Fuhlendorf stated that Vanderslice might have had second thoughts after he told him that.

Fuhlendorf advised that several weeks ago, specific date unrecalled, he met
Vanderslice at the restaurant located on the twenty-fifth floor of the Manor House, Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas. Fuhlendorf stated that Vanderslice talked to him about Candy Barr, a former stripper in one of Jack Ruby’s nightclubs. This conversation led to Vanderslice discussing his knowledge of Ruby. Vanderslice told him that on the morning of the assassination, Jack Ruby called him on the telephone and asked him if he would like to go to the Presidential Parade with him, and if he would “like to watch the fireworks.” Vanderslice said that he was with Jack Ruby and standing at the corner of the Postal Annex Building facing the Texas School Book Depository Building, at the time of the shooting. Immediately after the shooting, Ruby left and headed toward the area of the Dallas Morning News Building, without saying anything to him.


NOTE: A review of Jack Ruby’s testimony before the Warren Commission on 6/7/64, indicates that Ruby testified that he was at the “Dallas Morning News” building at the time of Kennedy’s assassination on 11/22/63. Ruby advised he went to the News building at approximately 11:00 a.m. on the morning of 11/22/63, to arrange for advertising space for his night club. Ruby’s testimony was corroborated in part by the testimony of John William Newnam, an Advertising Department employee of the “Dallas Morning News.” Newnam testified before the Warren Commission on 6/26/64. No further attempts being made by our Dallas Division to interview Robert Murray Vanderslice at this time.

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  1. Subject, a former GS-15 Operations Officer assigned to DDP/Europe, is 53 years of age and married. He served with the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, and was employed by this Agency from November 1949 until his voluntary retirement on 30 April 1970. In 1971, Subject served as an advisor to President Nixon in relation to his trip to China. Subject is of current interest to the Central Cover Staff.
  1. Subject graduated from Brown University in 1940. He served with the United States Navy from early 1941 until late 1942. After a year with Time, Incorporated, he entered the Air Force, where he was detailed to the Office of Strategic Services. He served in the Far East until January 1946. Subject engaged in writing, and then from May 1948 until February 1949 was employed by the Economic Cooperation Administration, serving in Paris, France, as an aide to Avarell Harriman.
  1. A background investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in July 1949 revealed no indication of instability on Subject’s part, but it was later learned that Subject had been refused an increase in salary with the Economic Cooperation Administration and had been permitted to resign. He was described as highly intelligent, but blindly selfish and egotistical.
  1. Subject’s wife, Dorothy Louise Goutiere Hunt, was investigated for Agency employment in 1948. Her former husband was described as a habitual drunkard, and Subject’s wife was described as slightly unstable and not inclined to remain in one place for any length of time. She did not enter on duty, having accepted a position with the Economic Cooperation Administration in Paris. Our Paris sources later reported that Subject’s wife was formerly a mistress and was openly flouted as such for several months. She was then described as an amoral and dangerous individual who underhandedly attacked those persons who incurred her enmity.
  1. Subject entered on duty as an Intelligence Officer. GS-13, on 8 November 1949. In December 1950 he was assigned as Chief of Station, Mexico City, and then served as Chief of Mission there until August 1953. He served in Tokyo, Japan, from June 1954 until February 1957. He was then assigned as Chief of Station, Montevideo, Uruguay. Subject was Chief of Station in Montevideo until early 1960. There were indications that Subject attempted to use his personal influence with the President of Uruguay to have his assignment there extended, but he returned to the United States in June 1960 and was assigned to Mexico City on Project JMARC.
  1. A cable from Montevideo, dated 6 November 1960, indicates that Subject had written former Uruguayan contacts commenting that he was working on the Cuban problem and publishing anti-Castro newspaper in Miami. It was recommended that Subject be warned about such indiscreet remarks, but apparently no action was taken.
  1. In November 1961, subject was reassigned to the DDP/Covert Action Staff, and in January 1962 to the Office of the Chief of the same Staff. In July 1962 Subject was transferred to the DODS Research and Publications Section in Washington, and in July 1964 to the DODS Covert Action Staff. In February 1965 he moved to the Office of the DDP/Operations Group. From June 1965 to September 1966 Subject served as a Contract Agent in Madrid, Spain, after which he served in the DDP as Chief of European Covert Operations until his retirement on 30 April 1970.
  1. On 26 January 1970 a source of the Office of Security learned that Subject was circulating through the publishing community “Give Us This Day,” a manuscript written under his former operational alias and dealing with the events of the Bay of Pigs. Investigation disclosed that the manuscript had been in the possession of Tom Wallace of Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc. as early as 9 July 1968 and that it was sent on that date to William F. Buckley, Jr., of the National Review. The manuscript was sent to the Arlington House and Walker and Company as well. Both rejected it as too controversial, as had Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.
  1. Subject was interviewed regarding the manuscript on 17 February 1970 by the DDP. He at first professed ignorance, but when told the title admitted he had written it for his own benefit as a historical record. Subject said he had shown the manuscript about two years ago to his agent, Max Wilkinson, and to William F. Buckley, Jr. He said he had only wanted an opinion from these gentlemen, and added that the manuscript had been returned to him. He had, he said, not wanted it published. Subject was instructed as to the danger of such a manuscript being published, and was to attempt to determine how many copies of it might be in circulation. He was not to contact Walker and Company, who were the source of the original information.
  1. A reinvestigation of Subject was conducted by the Office of Security in July 1970. Subject and his wife were described by six neighbors acquainted with them for up to nine years, as excellent parents, good neighbors, and fine community citizens.
  1. On 19 July 1971, Subject was reported by the Jersey City, New Jersey, Journal to have joined the White House Staff as a Consultant to President Nixon preparatory to the President’s visit to the Peoples Republic of China.
  1. On 6 November 1970, Subject was granted a Covert Security Approval for use by Central Cover Staff with Robert R. Mullen and Company, a Public Relations firm with offices at 1729 H Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C. Inquiry of the Central Cover Staff on 19 June 1972 revealed that this is a current relationship. Subject, as principal officer of Robert R. Mullen and Company, is witting of cover arrangements for two Agency assets, [redacted] in [redacted] and [redacted] in [redacted]
  1. Subject’s security file reflects that Subject has, in the past, been of operational interest to Mr. James Angleton, Chief, CI Staff/DDP, in connection with an operational matter. On 19 June 1972, Mr. Fred Hubbard, CI Staff, advised that he will provide information as to the nature of Mr. Angleton’s utilization of Subject.


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St. Petersburg, Fla.

October 5, 1961

Dear Bush:

Three weeks ago I finally left Cuba, fortunately with no trouble to speak of. I have been visiting my family in St. Pete, after having spent some time in Miami getting my bearings among the “active exiles”, and expect to head North in about a week. I plan to spend a few days in Washington and then go to New York. I would like very much to keep in touch with the Cuban situation and to remain as active as possible, within the limitations of whatever job I can get.

Although a lot of water has gone over the dam since last we spoke, about which the less said the better, I remember your comments about the feasibility of an arrangement along these lines. I would therefore like to encourage from you any suggestions you may be able to offer in this respect. I am naturally very interested in receiving the opportunity of discussing the situation and my possible contribution with qualified persons in Washington. What do you think? So far my only contacts are Senator Smathers, whom I hope to see here in St. Pete on the 9th, and a man named Raskin who answered a letter I wrote Bundy asking for an appointment. Raskin is on Bundy’s staff.

Bush, you may be out of touch with the Cuban problem, but in case you are not and have any ideas I will appreciate hearing from you. I expect to be here another week and then drive up in a little VW I bought in Miami. In Washington I will be staying at my cousin’s, Maria Teresa de Zaldo Meyer, 9710 Persimmon Tree Road,) Bethseda, Maryland. In any event I will look forward to seeing you soon. Best wishes.



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