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The Lost Light: An Interpretation of Ancient Scriptures | Leaflet re: Alvin Boyd Kuhn and The Lost Light

A b kuhn - lost light leaflet


After years of language teaching in Pennsylvania schools, Alvin Boyd Kuhn took his Ph. D. degree in Philosophy at Columbia University in 1931, writing for his thesis a book of 351 pages under the title of THEOSOPHY: A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom, this being the only time this subject was permitted to be used for a degree thesis in the Western world. It was published by Henry Holt & Co., and now stands as the one accredited academic work on the Theosophical movement. THE LOST LIGHT is epochal in that, for once, a work of occult Bible interpretation does not rest on claims of interior mystical illumination, but is based impregnably upon the most authentic assemblage of scholarly data ever brought to bear on Scriptural exegesis. It is the first interpretation of the Bible in immediate relation to its sources. It renders obsolete at one stroke nearly every work written about the Bible!

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