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Buy or gift slack token as everyone needs a little slack

slack token:

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Key: ,. = the extensional device -> etc. Begin: I need Slack. You need Slack. Everyone needs Slack. It is good to give each other Slack ~ala Bob Dobbs, cutting-edge cyberpunkian, memetic paradigms,. (fnord)~, so as to be able to live free, exciting, creative,. lives. Newly accelerated advancements in memetics, crypto, VR, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the Metaverse and lots, lots more has as a byproduct the freeing up of our time to think, be creative and have fun, exuberant, exciting,. interaction with other like-minded humans, avatars, cyborgs, bots, gods, demigods, superheroes, wizards, mutants and minotaurs. Economic systems, as a matter of course, will have, (and are having) to change as machines and technology as our saviors effectively eliminate the need to spend our precious time in unenlightened work slavery,. It's time to make this life on Earth, Moon, Mars and blockchain, smart contract,. Metaverse our playground, which most certainly requires a generous amount of Slack, praise Bob! Arise. Arriba Arriba Andele Arriba! End of line. MCP out

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