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Matteo Mammi, CEO Helbiz EMEA explains the evolution of the urban electric micromobility sector to Il Tempo

Il Tempo article: Matteo Mammi (MM), CEO Helbiz EMEA interviewed by Filippo Caleri (FC), [email protected]


The urban electric micromobility market has closed the startup phase.  Now the greater maturity of the sector can open great prospects to the cities that adopt it and to the companies that offer services,  Matteo Mammi, CEO Helbiz EMEA explains the evolution of the sector to Il Tempo.


FC: Are we entering a new phase for scooters and shared vehicles in urban centers?


MM: As in any new business, opportunities and critical issues were highlighted.  Now, after the first experiences, the sector is undergoing a necessary rationalization step, which is also a foundation for operators to better plan investments and activities.


FC: You have received criticism from citizens and administrations. What is changing?


MM: A constant dialogue has been initiated with the administrations as well as cooperation to increase security with technology.  For example with the control of speed limits and the introduction of indicators and shock absorbers. The tenders for licenses are now more detailed and provide for a smaller number of operators but also an overall fixed stock presence of micro vehicles in the historic and city center, to avoid overcrowding, as well as extension of services to the suburbs. An improvement in the service to users and the entire city.


FC: Are you ready to face these new conditions?


MM: Our company has all the credentials.  Not only are we Italian, unlike our competitors, putting our first electric scooter on the road in 2018 in Milan. We were also the first company in the industry to go public on Nasdaq. And while our focus has been on mobilty we didn't stop there.


FC: In what way?


MM: We used our platorm to expand user services in line with urban lifestyles.  So for example we offer the vision @HelbizLive [https://helbizlive.com, https://apps.apple.com/us/app/helbiz-live/id1570423369, https://t.co/cXDgKFheDw] of the Serie B [Serie BKT] of football for which we have obtained broadcasting rights with an investment of 45 million over three seasons. Another product line is dedicated to food delivery. But, unlike our competitors, with Helbiz Kitchen  we have activated our own kitchen with five production lines, one of which is for sushi, and with vertical integration of the business. Our peculiarity is also based on employment.


FC: What policy do you have?


MM: Our employees are all employed directly by the company.  We have about 200 in Italy.  In each city we have our own dedicated teams all with Helbiz contracts.


FC: Let's talk about investments. How much are they?


MM: In the mobility line since 2018 we have put 100 million.  So every year we set aside between 25 and 30 million for development. Three million for delivery.


FC: Future developments?


MM: Today our licenses for electricity are 40, half in Italy and the other 50% in the USA. But we are going to offer our services in Spain starting from the city of AlcalĂ . And we have expansion to France and Portugal in our sights. In Belgrade we have just won a tender to manage bike sharing for 15 years. Not only new markets but also new products.


FC: For example?  


MM: We are finalizing the closing of Wheels, a California startup that has developed a bike without pedals. A kind of micromotorbike that does not need a plate. Then we aim for a business-to-business model that provides for the rental of fleets of electric vehicles to companies that equip their employees with them.  


FC: Who are your customers? 


MM: As mentioned, those in urban living. Mostly young people. We dedicate our attention to them with ad hoc initiatives. Next Sunday, for example, we will offer free rides with vouchers to vote. Thus, it encourages those who vote for the first time to exercise their right.

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