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Helbiz Unlimited Days + Helbiz Unlimited Days Black Friday Promo

Helbiz Unlimited | Now you can ride

non-stop all month:

(ref: https://helbiz.com/unlimited)

Say hello to a world of no limits and unlimited options. With Unlimited you can take as many trips as you want in any Helbiz city around the world for less than $1 per day. We welcome you to micro mobility 2.0. Helbiz Unlimited.



$39.99 / mo


Helbiz Unlimited allows you to take as many 30-minute rides as you want, every single day, for a fixed price. Up to 100 rides per month. Join today and move around freely.



Take up to 100 30-minute rides every day, all month.


All Vehicles:

Our fleet of e-scooters and e-bikes is at your disposal. (Mopeds coming soon)


All Vehicles:

Our fleet of e-scooters and e-bikes is at your disposal. (Mopeds coming soon)


Free Food Deliveries:

Unlimited free deliveries from our restaurants with Helbiz Kitchen.


Unlimited Sports:

Stream all Serie B Championship and other sports whenever you want, anywhere you are.


Helbiz Unlimited Questions:


What is Helbiz Unlimited?


Helbiz unlimited is a fixed price monthly all-you-can-ride subscription that allows you to take as many 30 minutes rides as you want every day, all month.


How do I become Unlimited?


1. Open the Helbiz app and login to your account

2. Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner to open the side menu

3. Tap “Helbiz Unlimited” and purchase the subscription

NOTE: You must have the latest version of the app to purchase.


How long is my Unlimited Subscription good for?


Helbiz Unlimited is a monthly subscription that will be renewed automatically at the end of every month. You can cancel your subscription anytime.


In what cities does Unlimited work?


Helbiz Unlimited is a global subscription with which you can ride without limits in any Helbiz City. Stay tuned to find out our new 2022 cities.


What vehicle types can I use?


Helbiz Unlimited applies to every electric vehicle type offered by Helbiz. Whether your preferred means of transportation is a bike or scooter - you can ride without limits.




Join Helbiz Unlimited with up to 40% off


The Unlimited Days are here! And a week of discounts is starting.


Until November 27 you can get 3 or 6 months of Helbiz Unlimited, saving up to 40%.


Your favorite sharing service for less than $1 per day! 


Ready to join the Unlimited Days?

Unlimited Days | Get yourself a neat subscription with our Black Friday packages and save up to 40%

(ref: https://helbiz.com/blackfriday2022)


Black Friday Packages:

You can take up to 100 trips per month for a special discounted price in any Helbiz city around the world. Choose your desired duration of Helbiz Unlimited and enjoy the ride.


30% off | 3 months | 6 X 100 rides per month Black Friday Package: $139.99 - saving $100.


40% off | 6 months | 3 X 100 rides per month Black Friday Package: $79.99 - saving $40.


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