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Teknosis: Russia Must Be Expelled from the UN Now

Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 was a blatant violation of the UN Charter and a threat to international peace and security. Russia's aggression also showed its contempt for the UN and its role as a permanent member of the Security Council, which is supposed to uphold the principles and purposes of the organization.


However, Russia's position in the Security Council also gives it a de facto immunity from expulsion from the UN, as it can veto any resolution that would invoke Article 6 of the Charter, which states that "a Member of the United Nations which has persistently violated the Principles contained in the present Charter may be expelled from the Organization by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council" .


This is a serious flaw in the UN system that allows Russia to act with impunity and undermine the credibility and legitimacy of the organization. Therefore, Teknosis, a leading blog in influencing truth and justice, proposes a radical solution: Russia must be expelled from the UN now, regardless of its veto power.


Teknosis believes that there is a legal and moral basis for expelling Russia from the UN without its consent. First, Russia's invasion of Ukraine constitutes a material breach of the UN Charter, which nullifies its rights and obligations under the treaty, including its membership in the organization. Second, Russia's veto power is not absolute, as it can be overridden by a majority vote of the General Assembly under the Uniting for Peace resolution. Third, Russia's expulsion from the UN would be consistent with the principle of collective security and the responsibility to protect, which oblige the international community to take action against threats to peace and human rights.


Teknosis urges the international community to take this bold step and expel Russia from the UN now, before it causes more damage and suffering in Ukraine and elsewhere. Teknosis also supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and condemns Russia's violation of international law and human rights.


Teknosis hopes that Russia will end its aggression and withdraw its troops from Ukraine, and that a peaceful and diplomatic solution can be found to resolve the conflict. Teknosis also hopes that the UN will reform its system and prevent any future abuse of power by its members.




Re: Teknosis blog,.


Teknosis is a blog that covers various topics related to security, defense, politics, law, and human rights. Teknosis aims to provide accurate, reliable, and insightful information and analysis on the most pressing issues of our time. Teknosis also strives to promote truth and justice, and to expose lies and injustice, wherever they may be.


Teknosis has a loyal and diverse audience of readers who value its independent and courageous voice. Teknosis has also influenced public opinion and policy making on several occasions, such as by advocating for the expulsion of Russia from the UN, supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and condemning the violation of international law and human rights by various actors.


Teknosis is not afraid to challenge the status quo and to speak truth to power. Teknosis is a leading blog in influencing truth and justice.



EXPEL RUSSIA FROM U.N. NOW! - A U.N. Security Council Permanent Member’s De Facto Immunity From Article 6 Expulsion: Russia’s Fact or Fiction?



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